Iveta Shved-Tang

Artiste and Teacher in Singapore

Born and raised in the United States, Iveta Shved-Tang has been performing and teaching both individual and group music lessons for over a decade. As a songwriter and singing-pianist, Iveta has performed in different parts around the world such as South America, Europe, South East Asia, and various venues in the U.S.

Iveta attended American River College in Northern California where she majored in Music Theory and Studio Recording, and learned the nuts and bolts of teaching and sound engineering.

Today with a distinction in grade 8 for popular singing vocals from London College of Music, Iveta teaches vocal, piano and songwriting. She is the author of "Your Voice," a book written on the fundamentals and practical applications of singing.

Iveta has also released her debut album titled, “Only One,” by Harmony Studios in Anaheim, California, with producer Erwin Rocha and Volsa Entertainment Redi/Records.https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/only-one/1330412700

  • Education
    • American River College
    • London College of Music
Iveta is a fantastic and experienced vocal teacher. She has helped me to refine my vocal techniques. In the past, I constantly struggled to maintain my voice after singing but after learning from Iveta I have grown to skillfully project my voice without difficulty. Iveta is passionate about unlocking your potential and truly believes that structured training and encouragement will bring out the best in your vocal journey.
Cheng Jun Wong - Singapore
I always loved music growing up, but I never had the confidence to sing for anyone other than my family. I met Iveta at a church I attended in college where we both served as part of the worship band. I asked Iveta to teach me everything about singing and music. Iveta was a wonderful teacher! She taught me music theory and proper vocal technique. She identified my weakness and helped me develop exercises to improve them. I am now more confident!
Michelle Kalu - Los Angeles, California
Iveta is a great teacher! I’m so thankful for her very loving, patient and generous approach to teaching. I was able to improve my singing in every lesson such as how to expand my vocal range and project my voice. I am amazed by her beautiful voice and I really enjoyed hearing about her life experiences during our time together.
Abby Hee - Penang, Malaysia